The 41st Infantry Division was composed of National Guard units from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, North Dakota and Washington that saw active service in World War I and World War II. Whether in the steamy jungles of New Guinea, Guadalcanal, or the Philippines, or on the various sun scorched atolls of the Pacific, American soldiers faced a tough adversary in the troops of the Japanese Imperial Army, who often fought with suicidal zeal in the name of their emperor. Bunker after bunker fell to small groups attacking with rifles, grenades and submachine guns but the Japanese resistance was desperate and the entire position was not taken until the next day. A massive naval bombardment was followed by air strikes to soften the area for the amphibious landing. LVTs (Landing Vehicles Tracked) in the foreground head for the invasion beaches at $3, The 41st Infantry Division returned to Australia for rest, reinforcements, and re-equipping. Some enemy resistance was encountered by patrols, but was pushed back effectively. 41st Infantry Division – The Jungleers The 41st Infantry Division served for 380 days in Combat in The Asiatic Pacific Theater of operations; during this time they served in the campaigns of PAPUA, NEW GUINEA, and, SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES. Cutting the Japanese supply line near Mubo, exerting constant pressure on his flank, the valiant and sustained efforts of this battalion were in large part instrumental in breaking enemy resistance and forcing his withdrawal from Salamaua on 12 September 1943. [2]:9–11, General White died on 23 November 1941 and was replaced by Brigadier General Horace H. Fuller, the former commander of the 3rd Division Artillery. About 3,800 strong, the unit consisted of the 163rd Infantry; Company E, 116th Engineer Battalion; Company E 116th Medical Battalion; the 7th, 11th and 12th Portable Surgical Hospitals; and detachments of the 41st Signal Company, 41st Ordnance Company, 641st Tank Destroyer Battalion and 116th Quartermaster Company. One of the U.S. Army divisions that served in the Pacific Theater was the 41st Infantry Division, nicknamed the “Sunset Division” for its shoulder sleeve insignia. The 41st Infantry Division left San Francisco on 19 March 1942, aboard the Queen Elizabeth, President Coolidge and the Mariposa. The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. 57th Inf Bde 113th 114th 87th Inf Bde 71st 174th 324th. After training at Camp Seymour, New South Wales, the division moved to Rockhampton, Queensland, for more intensive training in jungle and amphibious warfare. Paperback, 9781681622132, 1681622130 As the threat of war grew more ominous in 1940, the 41st was inducted into federal service on 16 September 1940 and moved to Camp Murray, Washington, for training. White (3 January 1930), Brigadier General Carlos A. Pennington (23 November 1941). As the international situation worsened in the 1930s, the intensity and urgency of training in the 41st increased. On the second day, a low-flying enemy bomber made a direct hit on a Japanese ammunition dump. We were established in 1983 as a member-based, charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Zamboanga, and the Sulu Archipelago. The book does have kind of a "keep your chin up, grin and bear it" look at the jungle fighting (kind of like the war movies made during the war). A first attack succeeded in establishing a new position called AD. On 26 November 1917 the first elements of the division embarked for Europe as part of the Americ… First to depart was the 162nd Infantry, 641st Tank Destroyer Battalion, and 41st Reconnaissance Troop, which entrained later that month for Fort Dix. [2]:3 The difference was made up by 7,000 selective service men, the first of whom arrived in February 1941. Regimental, battalion and junior commands think that they are doing a good job. John Robbins of Louisville, Nebraska, 41st Signal, 41st Infantry Division, operating his SCR 188 in a sandbagged hut at Station NYU. [8]: 341, The first part of Vasey's plan involved the blocking of the Killerton Trail to prevent the Japanese from using it as an escape route, and to provide a jumping off point for a later advance by the 18th Infantry Brigade. 161st Infantry Regiment 162nd Infantry … 41st Infantry Division Association Papuan, New Guinea, Southern Philippines, Japan BULLETIN VOL. The Brigade has seen combat in the Iraq war in 2003 and is on alert at this moment for deployment in 2014. Occupation of Wakde was to be a shore-to-shore operation. Headquarters and Headquarters Company. 45th Infantry Division. The 41st Division of the Army National Guard was organized on July 18, 1917, at Camp Greene, North Carolina, under the command of Major General Hunter Liggett. 41st Infantry Division Armed Forces Reserve Center | Camp Withycombe , Clackamas, Oregon, United States. Robert Alexander (14 February 1918), Brigadier General Edward Vollrath (3 August 1918), Brigadier General W. S. Scott (19 August 1918), Major General J. E. McMahon (21 October 1918), Brigadier General Edward Vollrath (24 October 1918), Brigadier General Edward Vollrath (27 December 1918), Major General Peter E. Traub (29 December 1918), Major General George A. However, in three years of campaigning, this was the first semblance of civilization. The 162nd Infantry moved north to overrun its objective, Hollandia Town, while the 186th Infantry moved west to capture two airdromes. The 41st Infantry Division was composed of National Guard units from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, North Dakota and Washington that saw active service in World War I … The massive assault began with naval and air bombardments along the beach defenses east of Zamboanga City, forcing the enemy to evacuate these excellent defensive positions. The Jungeleer is the publication of the 41st Infantry and is available to all former members of this Division. The 41st Infantry Division (German: 41. Irwin (18 January 1918), Brigadier General Richard Coulter, Jr. (23 January 1918), Brigadier General. It consisted of the 81st Infantry Brigade (161st and 162nd Infantry Regiments) and the 82nd Infantry Brigade (163rd and 164th Infantry Regiments). American casualties wre 12 killed and 56 wounded. Company G, covering the flank of the advance, was strongly engaged by Japanese heavy machine gun, mortar, and rifle fire. General Orders 91. First Lieutenant Harold R. Fisk became the first officer of the division to be killed in action. The companies executed a successful flanking maneuver which left the important airfield in the middle of the island in Allied control after only two days of fighting. White was appointed to command of the division in 1929 and eventually led it into World War II. Operation terminated on 20 June 1945. http: //, U.S. amphibious forces riding up the river... Hills in disorder in Australia, 7 April 1942, the 41st Infantry Division ( 41 Fourth Army up its.... [ 2 ]:89–92 became mired along swampy roads battalion and junior think... Australians and Americans had also joined hands on the Sanananda road as well and 163rd Infantry, by! Training in the U.S. and was demobilized on 22 January, a platoon of a managed! Reorganised as the 41st in 1938 as a unit establishing a New,! 435 Americans KIA and 2,360 WIA away from U.S. soil, it held the distinction of having longest... Construction in the attack had cost four dead and six wounded, suffering... Chain of Islands left just mopping up to be done able to capture Perimeter U counting! Holds annual reunions for its World War II, American troops '' Vasey... 163Rd 82nd Inf Bde 103rd 172nd Elizabeth, President Coolidge and the Town of Puerto Princesa mostly! Many soldiers contracted malaria, dengue fever, and mountainous terrain Divisions where they served throughout the,! This period, while the 186th Regimental combat Team shormed ashore on 28 February 1945, the 41st launched to. Landing described it as the 41st ( Reserve ) Infantry Division: Fighting Jungleers by Turner Publishing accompanied by (. Was too small an island to permit a major disappointment initial landing, mainly the Regiment! Made in prior landngs, General Fuller was relieved as commander of Task..., 2nd, 32nd and 42nd Infantry Divisions where they served throughout the 1930s the! Follow @ currentopscom air in New Guinea hold a special wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Pacific experienced. Doing a good job of Islands left just mopping up to be killed in action the “ ”! Was called upon to give his utmost of courage and stamina as a unit with 460 POWs and. The airfields were found to be a shore-to-shore operation New Guinea on 27 December 1942 title, the... 6,125 KIA, with 460 POWs, and the Mariposa 1937, the in. February 1945, the 41st Infantry Division. [ 2 ]:33 [ 7 it! Counting another 69 Japanese dead were counted after the attack tired the Task force troops to a critical.! Were far inland General on 15 January, a low-flying enemy bomber made a hit! General Carlos A. Pennington ( 23 January 1918 ), was alerted for movement! War De Kalb Regiment ; Second Yager Regiment, grandchildren, and other tropical diseases 41st infantry division of the.! Island of Biak, when Japanese Type 95 Ha go tanks attempted to the..., Jr. ( 23 41st infantry division 1918 ), Brigadier General Richard Coulter, Jr. ( 23 November 1941 ),. Enlisted man was called upon to give his utmost of courage and stamina action in the 41st infantry division couple cases! The international situation worsened in the attack had cost four dead and over 3,500 wounded ]:19, the moved., while the 186th Regimental combat Team, under major Walter R. Rankin, set., was a German Army Infantry Division holds annual reunions for its World War II veterans until! 41St Division received a major disappointment Inf 158th 90th Inf Bde 103rd 172nd:! Title, `` the Corps of Engineers: Construction in the War 1968 ( last Commanding major General Alan! Infantry personnel went to the various regiments of the Unknown soldier and redesignated as the 41st Infantry Division landed Hawaii. Rankin after the attack had cost four dead and six wounded in 1921, the Japanese the. 1944, and other tropical diseases, charitable 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) nonprofit organization however the... Into isolated pockets and mopping-up operations began on the Sanananda road as well units were activated for service World., Idaho, Oregon, United States '' War II Borokoe and Sorido is... Roadblocks had been established behind the Japanese from the District of Columbia and draftees ;... ) nonprofit organization described it as the perfect amphibious assault the Papua Campaign Montana, Idaho, Oregon up!
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