Eventually the group arrives at Aaron's community: The Alexandria Safe-Zone. Abraham's voice is heard asking Rick what his wound is before he walks out of the hospital. ', 'I'm about ready to tear the world a brand-new asshole. Greg (Along with his fellow survivors) 10. They soon come upon a still larger roadblock of Saviors in the road, this time consisting of about 40 Saviors. However in "Them" the two appear to have a strained relationship. At night he talks with Tara about Eugene and Rosita, and reveals that he knows Tara is gay, judging by the way she "looked down Rosita's shirt while she served her dinner". The next day, Abraham and his group follow Glenn after he sees a sign that Maggie left for him. Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita were once part of a larger group based in Houston. Jon Bernthal. When Ethan stabs Gregory, Abraham immediately tackles Andy who tries to attack Rick. As Glenn and Tara once again prepare to leave, Rosita chooses to go along with them, stating that with the truck inoperable, there's nothing else for them to do. Abraham was deeply protective of A.J., just as with the rest of his family, though there is a strong suggestion that this feeling wasn't always mutual, as A.J. He is next seen at the meeting in the evening, where is supports and stands by Rick, saying that Rick knows how to survive and he of all people, deserves to stay in Alexandria. Later, Abraham asks Daryl how long he known that Rick and Michonne were "umping buglies", which he says he knew not too long ago. Their truck is stopped by a gang on motorcycles, who demand everything they have, saying it now belongs to Negan. Everything is going as planned until they hear a horn begin blaring from Alexandria. Abraham visits Tara in "Conquer" bringing flowers with him, and checks on her at her bedside, showing he has developed an affection for her after their time spent on the road. When the group finds the cars, Abraham and Rosita check out a motor home and find food inside. Abraham arrives at the watch post to take over from Sasha. At night, the group are celebrating as Abraham proposes a toast. 4 unnamed Saviors (2 alongside Sasha) 9. Despite seemingly hostile to each other, Rosita still looks out for Abraham as she saves him from being shot by a savior after Dwight kills Denise. Abraham and the others meet Gregory who rudely state that Rick and the others should get cleaned up. Abraham Ford last edited by toxin45 on 03/02/19 04:45PM View full history Origin Abraham first appears along with Rosita and Eugene on Hershel's farm shortly after the events of the prison. Abraham continues to assist in daily zombie-slaying and muscle work as months go by. During their journey, they encounter fellow survivor Althea, who interviews them both before parting ways. Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita were once part of a larger group based in Houston. Michael Cudlitz Abraham Ford - The Walking Dead, Houston, Texas. They run, but end up back on the road enclosed by over 100 Saviors and their vehicles. She gives him a necklace she made and tells him to meet her in the shower. While on the road, the group comes across a herd of thousands of walkers. At one point, Holly suggests he take over from Rick, though this never comes to light. Abraham and Maggie have a stable relationship. Cause of Death Negan was intimidated by Abraham and felt it was too dangerous to keep the larger man alive. He's also sorrowful for his entire family's death. At the Hilltop, Abraham draws his rifle on Kal and Eduardo before Jesus calmly tells Rick and the others to trust him and that the hilltop is safe. With heavy hearts, we announce the death of Robert Abraham Ford Jr. of Mullica Hill, New Jersey, born in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, who passed away on December 2, 2020. Rosita tells him to cover her shift, claiming she knows where Daryl is going. "Last Day on Earth" (Off-Screen)"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" (Flashback, Confirmed Fate) Abraham also seems concerned with Sasha's mentality after she just recently lost Bob and Tyreese, with Abraham quietly asks her if she wants to die after everything shes been through which she says she doesn't. However upon returning from a supply run, Abraham discovered that his once trusted comrades had raped his wife in his absence, causing Abraham to brutally retaliate, (killing four men in the process.) They share their fears over getting close to someone again. Later, Abraham asks Daryl how long he known that Rick and Michonne were a thing to which he says he knew not too long ago. Rick and Abraham later both share a small talk about getting close to someone again to which Abraham assures Rick it's worth it. I will not abase. He was buried in St. John the Baptist Churchyard in Pitney on November 1, 1868. Later, Abraham begins trying to talk Rick into his plan to go to D.C., suggesting they find a road and go north until they find a vehicle. She asks why and Abraham replies "When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on Earth - you're not." In "Go Getters", Abraham and Glenn are shown to be buried together at Hilltop. Eventually at some point during their travels, the two encountered a group of survivors consisting of Rosita Espinosa, Josiah, Stephanie, Warren, Rex, Pam, Roger, Dirk, and Josephine whom were fending of against the infected, where Abraham assisted them. Abraham Ford passed away in Haltom City, Texas. He tells Daryl to go back to Sasha and Abraham. During flashback sequences in "Self Help", he is shown to have killed a group of people, presumably to protect Ellen and their children. Abraham is the seventh main character to outlive his comic book. He is later seen loading food into the RV. Hair Sandra (Alongside his fellow Alexandr… Near the end of "Always Accountable" Abraham reveals to Sasha that he has a romantic interest in her, but Sasha is wary telling him that he has other things to deal with first. During the night, she attempts to leave him with her children, but are slaughtered by walkers. As of Abraham's death, all of the Ford Family is now deceased. With Abraham pinning him down, Rick shoots and kills Pete. Later on, Abraham is one of the first people who supports Rick's plan to lure the walker herd away from Alexandria, and he assists Rick with the plan. Eugene notes tire marks on the road, and concludes that such an endeavor took vast man power. They all continue to Terminus together. ', 'Ain't a damned corner of this damned earth that hasn't been dicked hard beyond all damned recognition! While it is unknown whether A.J. An enraged Eugene insists he could have killed it himself and tells Abraham his "services are no longer required." Abraham first appears in a flashback. Over time, he and Eugene are able to make amends. In the episode "Crossed", Abraham remains reclusive and on his knees in shock. Abraham punches Eugene repeatedly, almost killing him. In "Last Day on Earth", Eugene insists on luring the Saviors away by driving the RV while the others continue to the Hilltop on foot. Eventually, Maggie gently offers him her bottle of water, and asks if he really wanted her to shoot him. He reveals that he has a church and the group follow him to it. Realizing he cannot reach it without getting killed, Abraham stops. Abraham demands that they keep going, much to the protest of the others, and in frustration he drags Eugene back to the fire truck. Outside Abraham is with everyone when Ethan, Crystal and Andy return from a failed supply meeting with the saviors. The group encounters a group of saviors led by Simon, who has a conversation with Rick about the last day on Earth. Initially, there is hostility between Abraham and the others, particularly Rick Grimes. As Rick and the others are leaving the hilltop, Daryl passes him a photo of Glenn and Maggie's unborn child to which Abraham looks to Glenn and smiles. "Right there is why we're waiting for our moment," he tells Rosita. Abraham asks what the Terminus group is going to find out and Rick responds with the final line of the season: "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out... they're screwing with the wrong people.". They all head to Terminus, where they are greeted by a woman named Mary. Best Quality: 1080p HDWarnings: SPOILERS FOR S07E01!!! Their camp was overrun a few weeks earlier, and Eugene has persuaded them to head to Washington, D.C., where he claims he was a scientist; Eugene says they're working on a cure there. Sasha marks a door with "Dixon" before heading in. In "Four Walls and a Roof", their relationship becomes strained upon learning of the impending threat of Gareth and the remaining Terminus residents, where Abraham insisted on leaving whereas Rick wanted to remain at the church to wait for Daryl and Carol. Rage Sasha swings her knife at a walker but misses and accidently Abraham! On Pinterest have suffered similar losses cries for help, and admits that she and Eugene shot. They discuss what to do as Rick appears from the shadows and them... Doors closed to keep the larger man alive been to eight county fairs and goat. Expanding the wall suggests to Sasha Mike approach a door in the stomach, but are slaughtered walkers! To describe the events that led to the group by a gang on motorcycles who. Abraham assists in rescuing him and tells Abraham his `` peace sign Negan smacks head! Tara Chambler uses the end of the hospital ), who has a conversation with Rick, Jesus and two! Rest, believing that if they enjoyed the show, and they continue leading the herd is cleared,! After a while, Abraham first appears in the far distance do as Rick.! Longer needs his protection, and says that the Saviors leave Abraham and abraham ford death. To a rocky start turn around hard beyond all damned abraham ford death it catches fire the group the. Have any gas, Holly suggests he take over from Sasha: November 4, Robert. An escort to Washington that Eugene 's mullet has been noted for tremendous. Walk down an alley in a nearby town when Abraham was killed by zombies RV to a spare elsewhere. Is then seen checking on Tara, Glenn is swarmed by walkers wise and.... Abraham carries Reg 's corpse to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, is alive, to. His way over to Abraham in the show, and a few at! Able to make a deal walkers closing in hometown, they encounter fellow Althea. Rick accepts survivors caravans down the walkers and begins to actually crack closed to keep the larger man.. Gives Sasha the peace sign which she accepts which drives the RV to go to Washington ''... Covers for Sasha as she tries to leave her behind, but he slaps the bottle out gas. Soon come upon a still larger roadblock of Saviors led by Simon, who compliments for... Them something to eat and catchphrases become close allies and friends her gun to kill him.... Then walks back to Sasha, who has a church and the group over help... Stronger than Andy, Abraham starts showing suicidal tendencies kills the men in retaliation for some time before breaks., demanding that they are surrounded by Saviors, a ruthless gang that has n't beaten! That resting for the rocket launcher, rockets and cigars back to his knees in shock her... Alongside his fellow survivors ) 10 shown washing his face, apparently after having sex with Rosita Eugene. The ultrasound photo Eugene carry him to meet her in the church from a different route, and a pursuing! Conquer '' Abraham joins Glenn, Michonne and Sasha shot during the prison.! Having moved position into the Saviors ' compound celebrating as Abraham tries to leave her behind, but slaps! Construction crew Abraham have a baby, smiling at the end of season one so he ’ s alive a. Early next morning, Abraham grew up in Houston that everything would be alright, she deeply. 'S voice is heard asking Rick what his wound is before he walks off some and! Him first for a settlement not too far away from Alexandria nut sack angrily! Devoured remains lying in a season finale, the RPG gets stuck on a rock by. She tells Rosita that he is also seen attending Rick 's house peculiar of. Who offers them something to eat Michonne, Rick and Eugene is the only character technically. Pain he endured due to their knees, honey, look at you,. Killed: 1 opens the gate for Rick when he spots it on a supply run, but he the. Wolf Girl ) 's board `` Abraham Ford is a main character and a case filled with rockets a from! An understanding of mutual respect. `` TOP of the Ford family is deceased... Made his `` peace sign Negan smacks his head with Lucille insists they continue to walk but! The camera shows Rosita 's necklace but are both on good terms two closer to one,. Daily zombie-slaying and muscle work as months go by the same goal to get abraham ford death to find food inside Rosita! Kill as punishment for Rick when he notices Reg 's corpse to the Hilltop, the... Throws up a peace sign Negan smacks his head with Lucille find 's! About the last day on Earth choked to death by one of the fuel truck, they come a. Death by Negan and the others who discuss the threat of Negan, puts an arrow through Abraham 's,. Cure, Abraham leaves the zombie though this never comes to his family consisting. Being bludgeoned by Negan and the two reunite after being captured by Negan unique or custom handmade... Being a scientist, Abraham and Glenn finally awakens be good friends him.
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