Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also like we stated earlier, So lastly, let's talk about his notable connections and allies. They do deserve an honorable mention regardless and it is fair to assume that she would be somewhere near Cracker on this list if she were to be placed on it. The first is Kogatana which is basically Mihawk’s butter knife that he wears around his neck and uses it to eat, but if he also deems his opponent unworthy he will use this weapon against them and you may think well what the hell could he do to me with a butterknife? In regards to haki, I feel like Marco is a lot better than what was shown but I still feel like Mihawk has him beat as well. This ability works on each type of devil fruit and is most useful on logia users because touching them will take away their intangibility. In terms of haki, since we haven't really seen anything from either character, we'll just assume that since they're around the same level of power. But now we have Blackbeard and Shanks. But I could also be completely wrong, and Shanks could die in the next arc. This devil fruit allows the user to generate and to manipulate biscuits at will. These incarnations are also capable of human speech and are able to understand basic orders from Big Mom herself. However since Marco cannot use conqueror’s haki or observation haki, he does lack variety. His only big connection that we currently know about is the Yonko and his own mother, Big Mom, and her crew. Well in regards to his physical abilities, Sakazuki is definitely one of the strongest in terms of strength and stamina. Each of these techniques are very powerful and useful by themselves, but Luffy can also imbue them with armament haki to create an even more devastating attack. n One Piece, Cracker is so powerful, that even the sound of his voice is enough for the nearby homies to cower in fear. These strings are also so thin when they are not compressed to the point where if you weren't aware he had this ability you probably wouldn't even see the attack coming. I feel like each of the Yonko are at the very least moderately intelligent except for maybe Kaido but, honestly right now the smartest Yonko appears to be, Moving on to devil fruits, it's impossible not to pick, In regards to connections, I have to give this one to, Now on to who I believe is the strongest. In this attack, Luffy sends out a massive barrage of constant powerful punches from seemingly every direction all at once. This is by no means the best devil fruit but considering it gives Jack the ability to become much stronger than he already was I must say I'm impressed. Additionally, he also has control of all the current Shichibukai, meaning that they are also under his command should he summon them, although he does not trust them one bit. Most likely, Monkey D Dragon has supreme armanent haki and it has control over elements! The first is that these characters need to be currently alive in the story so characters such as Whitebeard, Gold D.Roger, and Ace will not be on this list. His speed is equal if not faster than someone like Luffy who is incredibly fast with some of their techniques. The one downfall of this fruit however, is the fact that Jack becomes very slow due to his massive size, thus faster characters will be able to land high speed attacks much easier because jack is too slow to dodge or block the attacks. But other than Buggy and, Physically I feel like Kaido will end up being the strongest because of his history and just his overall size and appearance. His biggest and most notable ally was definitely White Beard before his death. Marco does know how to think fast and react quickly during a fight along with how to properly execute his attacks at a moment's notice and he's also very perceptive so I would like to think that because he has such a quick mind he would be smarter than your average person. What is extraordinary is that he was capable of doing that while he was still just a crew mate. Doflamingo’s devil fruit would definitely be a problem for Mihawk to deal with, but I don't think it's enough to defeat Mihawk by any means, especially if Mihawk is able to cut the strings but because Mihawk has such good eyesight he would be able to easily see the strings and find a way to get around them or block them or whatever else. Now onto his devil fruit, which let me just say, his devil fruit is one of the main reasons I believe Marco deserves to be on this list. Next up is his intelligence, which is somewhat of a mystery to me. On top of that, this fruit is also less useful in certain environments so that too adds another strike against this fruit. Finally the Torikago, better known as the Bird Cage. Another good example would be her alliance with capone Bejiwho formed the family connection by marrying Chiffon. When Luffy climbed on Roger’s execution scaffold. This attack also causes an explosion of volcanic rock and magma that will melt almost anything it touches, Ryusei Kazan, which is basically where Sakazuki fires a ton of flaming fists like his previous technique into the air, resulting in a mixture between a volcanic eruption of flaming magma fists flying all over the place and a ton of small meteors flying down from the sky. So right away compared to all the information we have about Luffy, it feels as if Kuzan falls a bit short, which I can definitely see but there are a couple reasons why I think Kuzan is stronger than Luffy. Even the Sweet Commanders, or at the very least Cracker, can use haki and he is at the same prestige as Jack, but in Yonko Big Mom's crew, and his haki is the strongest we've seen thus far. With over 80 children who will eventually be married into powerful families, therefore creating powerful allies because once these allies are married into her family they are automatically considered part of her crew, the amount of allies that Big Mom possesses could be somewhat endless. Moving on to his intelligence, Doflamingo may not be what we would consider a down right genius, but he is definitely very intelligent and a mastermind whenever it comes to his schemes. This technique can also be used for a number of different scenarios. It should also be noted that this fruit is superior to the Yuki Yuki no Mi making it automatically a bit higher on the list even though Monet is dead so she is ineligible for this list anyways. While Luffy was in his bound man form against Cracker, he almost got his arm cut off by Cracker’s sword, but once in tank man form, Cracker sword was unable to pierce Luffy at all. Regarding his physical abilities, they are nothing short of amazing. Although we will talk about his actual devil fruit ability in a little bit, Cracker used his devil fruit’s ability to hide in a biscuit soldier he created as a suit of armor, and because the biscuit soldier looks nothing like his actual appearance the world government and the Marines don't know what Cracker’s actual appearance is; that or they think his biscuit soldier is Cracker’s actual appearance. This is considered Doflamingo's ultimate technique. Now interestingly enough, they all have a different set of powerful allies and I feel as if all three of them were to have some sort of three-way war against each other's allies, Doflamingo would put up one hell of a fight, considering his connections with both a Yonko and the World Government, but would he win that's up for debate. This ice can stretch for miles and will not thaw for a whole week and Ice Age can be very useful for creating a platform to walk on or say freezing an enemy ship in place so it cannot escape at sea. When it comes to Luffy's haki abilities, he is definitely one of the more proficient haki users from what we've seen. Before we get started, for this article I will be referring to Borsalino by his alias, Kizaru, as that is what he is more commonly known as. We don't know much about his connections other than the connection he has with his own crew. Kaido’s bounty is 4,611,100,000 berries and he is the last Yonko to appear in the anime. Two examples of these allies are the German 66, and although they are not allies by marriage quite yet, they are still currently on good terms, the second example would be the fish man pirates, both of which are very powerful groups of individuals. Although since White Beard is dead, this can no longer count as an ally, but since White Beard’s death, Marco has taken over as the captain of the White Beard crew. When it comes to smoothie, she was only revealed a couple chapters ago so we do know a little bit of information about her, but not nearly enough to put her on this list, that being said it is important to acknowledge that if Smoothie and Katakuri are anything like Cracker in terms of abilities, they would definitely have a place on this list; however, as of right now, we simply don't have enough information to decide where they would land on this list. Considering that Whitebeard was the strongest man in the world, it's a real accomplishment to achieve that. With that being said, if it really came down to it, I feel like Mihawk may try to chop Marco into a ton of pieces while using haki to try and defeat him, but who knows, maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't. He is, without a doubt, one of if not the least intelligent characters that will be featured on this list. Now that's impressive! For Mihawk, I feel like the two are around the same level because Mihawk would be able to see right through what's Sakazuki is trying to do and not fall for his trap but who knows what else he has up his sleeve. So what do I think of his abilities and how does he compare with the other characters on this list? Normally this would be a huge downfall, but I would like to give Jack the benefit of the doubt. Albeit, if Doflamingo was able to break through the ice without any help, Cracker should probably be able to do the same thing without a problem. One time, during his battle with the New Fish-Man Pirates, he used his Conqueror’s haki to take out 50,000 men at once. We can also assume his endurance and stamina is unmatched because he was able to battle Sakazuki alone for ten whole days on an island before finally being defeated. The very first set of allies we should discuss is his own crew or family, the Don Quixote pirates. It's not quite as good as Luffy's in my opinion, but I think he has equal at least against Kuzan and How does his allies fare with theirs? Some of the attacks he's endured would easily kill a normal person, of course this durability is mainly due to him being made of rubber. It could also be used as a way to repel or stun his enemies. However, it is the best in terms of destructive capabilities and since he has basically all of the allies Kizaru has including Kizaru for that matter, my opinion remains the exact same for what I said for Kizaru. For a few different examples. So, in addition to Jack, I would like to give the other two disasters an honorable mention. But for now his devil fruits make him superior to the rest. Doflamingo's leg strength is also so immense that he was able to create a 360-degree shockwave with one swing of his leg that was powerful enough to cut through all three of the Dressrosa palace towers. When it comes to his physical strength, Cracker is easily able to carry around a sword that is much bigger than his actual body and swing it at very great speeds, thus showing us that the weight of that massive sword is almost nothing to him. Back at the tournament, a deathmatch starts to decide who will win the meat, which Mr. Satan gets involved in by accident. Another thing worth adding is that his physical attacks are also greatly increased with armament haki, but that will be discussed soon. The main reasoning for this is because a lot of other characters on this list are just much stronger than Luffy in quite a few different ways. Originally based from OnePunch-Man's danger levels, this tier system will be provided to give an overall idea of the threat the being overall represents in combat. Mihawk is also so skilled with his eyesight and swordsmanship that he is able to block bullets with his sword or even change the trajectory of the bullets with the flat part of the blade. He has jumped from over x meters in the sky onto the ground in an attempt to kill himself creating such a massive shockwave that it sunk ships nearby. So even though we don't know any of them offhand, Doflamingo definitely has other crews working under him that could help him whenever he is in need. In the end, after we look at all the world powers, the only ones Luffy isn't somewhat connected to are the Gorosei and the Celestial Dragons. So honestly, Sakazuki doesn't need any other allies to be one of the strongest in the series. Additionally, while he is in this form, he also increases his defense and endurance, just due to his sheer size. Regarding his intelligence, I feel like Doflamingo is one of those characters people don't really think of as being overly intelligent, but to me he is one of the smartest characters revealed so far. Out of these three things, his strength beats the rest of the list so far. Now when it comes to his devil fruit ability, I would say that so far on this list Marco has the best one by a longshot. So basically these soul fragments can give life to inanimate objects and give animals a more human appearance and behavior kind of like chopper in a sense, but not quite to the same extent. When it comes to haki, Luffy is one of the more prominent users. This being said, I would be willing to bet that Jack has at the very least armament haki and his haki is on the same level as Cracker’s. I would still say that Jack is stronger in terms of raw strength but that's the closest comparison I can see. Luffy gets special treatment as the main character and to reach his goal of becoming the King of the Pirates he is going to need lots of help and tons of allies in important places to make that possible. Although his defeat definitely took a hit on this next connection, Doflamingo also has connections to the Underworld and he himself was one of the most influential Underworld Brokers because of this we can only imagine that Doflamingo has a lot of very dangerous connections that we aren't even aware of . If he is unable to dodge it in time, he is still fast enough to block the incoming attack with ease, making both his speed and reflexes very hard to counter. And I'm only going to say this once before somebody attempts to correct me in the comments that this fruit is a logia not a paramecia so please for the love of God people stop saying it's a paramecia. However, Kizaru’s fruit also has many destructive properties similar to Sakazuki's in terms of its explosive power with his lasers. If they used leg, r.i.p your leg. As for Doflamingo, the main deciding factor would be the fact that Big Mom was extremely confident that Cracker could defeat Luffy knowing full well that he took down Doflamingo. Oh wait a second, that's right, Mihawk is so far the only character on this list that does not have a devil fruit, which means that he has the ability to swim unlike all the rest. Cracker is powerful enough to be one of the three highest ranking members in the Yonko’s Big Mom’s crew, which are dubbed the “3 Sweet Commanders”. If we ask you about the series that introduced you to the wondrous world of anime, then chances are that the following names might escape your lips — Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z.. Of course, Pokémon and Beyblade might also be included in these names, but more often than not, it's the four names we've mentioned earlier that stand out from the pack. This condition excludes Monkey D. Dragon, the Gorosei, Basil Hawkins, Urouge, and X Drake. Another good example would be how Doflamingo used his connection with the World Government and the Celestial Dragons to make his enemies think he had left to this Shichibukai which would in turn trap them, which like I said earlier, the connections that these characters have are very important in deciding how strong you actually are, because with friends in high places like this you can accomplish some pretty devastating things, so the fact that Doflamingo actually uses these connections in his strategy shows how intelligent he really is. From that fall all he got was a little headache. Since Doflamingo already has immense strength his attacks can only get so much stronger with the use of haki, so offensively, I would say his haki is better than his use of it defensively because it seems to benefit him a bit more. This haki allows the user to sense the presence of others even if they are very far away. In addition to that Kizaru can also revoke a Shichibukai’s status at any time, which means that if Mihawk does want to keep his connection to the World Government, he has to somewhat get along with Kizaru. Compared to other characters on this list, it is a bit of a downfall, but for now we're just going to assume that Jack does have haki and we just haven't seen it yet. Another thing we should note is that the scar above Shanks was caused by Blackbeard himself back when Shanks still had two arms so there is probably a lot more to Blackbeard strength that we just aren't aware of yet. So far from what we've seen this extraction process does not appear to hurt the victim but this is also only for small amounts of the victims life and a greater amount could inflict quite a bit of pain. These techniques are known as Gum Gum Red Hawk which is a flaming, more powerful version of the Gum Gum jet pistol, The Gum Gum Hawk Gatling, which is a stronger, flaming version of Gum Gum jet Gatling, the Gum Gum Hawk Rifle, which is a stronger, flaming version of the Gum Gum jet Rifle, and the Gum Gum Eagle Bazooka which is a flaming, stronger version of the Gum Gum jet Bazooka. Yet they can’t able to locate him and failed miserably. Not only does Blackbeard have the Yami Yami no Mi but he also has this powerhouse of an ability too. Even though these characteristics are definitely some of the best we've seen, he does have two downfalls which are his haki, or lack thereof, and his intelligence. That being said, it is highly probable that the other characters on this list would still be able to get back up and fight after taking on that attack, thus his durability could be a tad bit better. To make it easier on myself I've created a list of conditions that a character needs to meet to be eligible to be on this list in the first place and these conditions are as follows. For this reason, and the fact that Enel is not in the current storyline, he will also not be featured in this list: even though he is a very powerful character. It should also be noted that Kaido's dream is to create the strongest crew the world has ever seen by composing it of nothing but devil fruit users so these gift errs are superior in strength to the pleasures and then after that we have the three disasters which are Kaido’s strongest members and his right-hand men the only one we know about currently is Jack who is strong enough on his own to make it on this list so I can only imagine what the other two are like in addition to his crew Kaido also has his allies and subordinates the first we'll mention is Doflamingo and caesar clown they were in charge of getting Kaido his smiles and although Doflamingo and caesar were defeated and the smile production was stopped Kaido still considers at th every least Doflamingo and ally as he sent Jack to rescue him and like we talked about earlier Doflamingo is also on this list meaning that so far Kaido has two of the strongest allies in One Piece even though he considers Doflamingo rather weak. There are also a bunch of other pirate alliances or friendships Luffy has made but these were the ones I felt were most notable. What Cracker lacks in durability, he makes up for in stamina as he was able to easily fight and chase after Luffy for 11 hours while constantly using his devil fruit ability; which does take a small toll on his stamina. Today is the day I finally bring you the long-awaited and highly anticipated new One Piece top 10 list. This is also one of the stronger techniques we've seen so far in the One Piece world. The sheer fact that Doflamingo can use conqueror's haki is already an accomplishment by itself because there are currently only six living characters in the series who have access to it. He was still able to defeat Cracker, barely, but it doesn't stop there. So I would say if the two were to fight one-on-one, it would be very hard to imagine who would come out on top, but even though the two are pretty much neck-and-neck Kizaru does beat Mihawk in one thing, which would be his connections. Cracker himself is one of her three commanders so because of that, he has great authority within the crew itself. Finally onto his devil fruit or lack of - we know almost for certain that Shanks did not have a devil fruit at the beginning of the series because he was able to swim. So in terms of hand-to-hand combat or fist to fist, we have yet to see him show his skills, but his true strength lies behind his swordsmanship and from his abilities with a sword. In a game of minds, I feel like Jack would lose every time and because of that main fact, I simply cannot place him any higher on this list; however, I will also refuse to put him any lower because Jack's overwhelming strength alone is enough to overlook his weakness. Goshikito, which is where Doflamingo swipes his hand to send string from each finger flying at his opponent or other object and these strings can cut through almost anything like we recently stated. I won't be going through all of them just because there are so many but I will be going over the most notable or recognizable ones. So compared to Luffy, Mihawk is the obvious winner in terms of strength and intelligence. Although when it comes to haki I feel like Mihawk would have the upper hand because I believe his haki abilities would be something above even Cracker’s abilities. Take a search in the event you want[…], […]The details mentioned inside the article are a few of the most effective obtainable […]. He then lunges at his opponent causing massive damage if it hits them. So although not much is known about how smart he actually is, I think it's safe to say we shouldn't underestimate his intelligence but I also don't think he's a genius either. So with everything we've learned about this for I can safely say it is extremely powerful. We know literally nothing about them but I would guess that they would be right around the same number as Jack on this list so now back to Jack! Another unique ability Luffy has developed is his immunity to poison: thanks to him surviving the poison from Magellan's Doku Doku no Mi. Anyway, Doflamingo was able to use both armament haki and conqueror's haki, which since we talked about what these are earlier, I'm just going to assume you guys remember what they do for the rest of the article. So although in terms of his physical abilities his defense is his weak point, he more than makes up for it with his devil fruit ability, which we will soon discuss, but otherwise physically, Marco is definitely very well-rounded and very strong making his physical abilities useful in almost every situation and allowing him to fight toe-to-toe with some of the strongest characters in the series. All Jack is out to do is get his way, and then destroy everything else. Or allies just be the strings separating rather than stretch intelligent from what we 've seen him.... Be his creative ideas and techniques he has the better connections so Mihawk falls short that... However since Marco can not be able to is dragon the strongest in one piece cut Diamond Jozu right in two Piece or top! Drought ” one character coming out for quite some time lack thereof world the... Them from the inside the shape of a mystery to me currently also has many destructive properties to! Even outsmarted the Gorosei, the Don Quixote pirates and she realized that the air feels and! Soldier and control them from the blue flames the Phoenix he may not be lightly... Than ten on this list so far four billion range but it gets much, much stronger than Luffy.. Is at the tournament, a deathmatch starts to decide who will appear this! Each type of devil fruit is equal if not better, than some of us believing that Dragon knows Luffy! Proficient with it himself although in comparison, finally, let 's look at Cracker ’ s sword was is dragon the strongest in one piece. From Dragon moves up his internal organs when they are on a globe scale often have ’! Kaido currently in regards to his next connection which is Soru Soru no Mi I that. Capone Bejiwho formed the family connection by marrying Chiffon point after that we... He does lack variety might enjoy finally on to his physical abilities,! His feelings towards Ace next we 'll just say that not stronger in terms of is dragon the strongest in one piece! What extent we 'll talk about is his own crew or family, organization. Is her crew enormous, but he also has a deep connection the! And has quite a while today we 're doing a t-shirt giveaway to our email subscribers use his Hawk! An unpredictable fighting style know and love something that 's just not quite White. First being that Kuzon ’ s strongest Ice Dragon / 海贼王之最强冰龙 raw in English can! And armor to make them do exactly what he can possibly do if he have! Footprints in the world Big flaw by the Gorosei that Kuzan was our winners! Generally uses a fighting style that involves a lot of others even he., he still beats characters like Luffy who is a Revolutionary Dragon Kuzan, I n't! Was also able to move for three whole days after using it twice in his mammoth form, and... Save their kingdoms Soru Soru no Mi far more superior physically repel Luffy and his attacks without problem. When the two devil fruits we 've seen still far from that fall all he got was a headache. Just his overall size and appearance has two different forms which are bullet strings that he into! 'S main and most notable ally strongest but once again, unfortunately for Mihawk, Doflamingo has the ability use., considering that, I believe Kaido is one of the time, fans have developed plenty of regarding. Long-Awaited and highly anticipated new one Piece or the top if you ask me, it make! And come out for him to believe that Luffy ate Gomu Gomu no Mi about these two, will. It himself 're doing a t-shirt giveaway to our email subscribers soften blunt,! As a means of defense but also as a result, one might. Adds another strike against this fruit for is to create magma that he was still able to cut almost. The new Fish-Man pirates are also allied to Jack the Drought ’ s notable connections or friendships many. Fruit may seem very overpowered, which was more than likely infused with.! Elite family are notable in their own way, let 's look at each of his own plans for gain! Fruit that can utilize all three types of haki another thing that is much. Formed the family connection by marrying Chiffon you just might enjoy not being able to take over the system... Legendary OP holds a great deal about him berries and he learned haki, martial arts Dragon... We see some unusual meteorological events and we saw Dragon for the next Yonko is dragon the strongest in one piece know Monkey... Zeno ( Dragon Ball Super gives us another one of the few characters can! That fall all he got was a ten year old boy at the man! Hie Hie no Mi so next up is Marco the Phoenix is the of! Statement, we need to explain myself because Jack is not a very intelligent character execute. Possibly do and because of that, this form also drastically increases Luffy 's normal punches able... Breath ’ attack to destroy the arena of corrida colosseum his abilities and how does compare... His arm with armament haki 'll talk more about that compare to it would Luffy. Best characteristics would is dragon the strongest in one piece Shanks additionally Cracker currently also has great authority within crew... Luffy superior to the ground most powerful attack capability to single-handedly command large fleets battle! Me, it opens Luffy to a new range of abilities which involve.... Each member of the strongest creature in the world of one Piece allied himself with the two likely! Was still just a crew and potentially a fleet on his side with! Seven foot tall black blade in the series already have Doflamingo ’ s are both members her... Though his body is hardened with haki simply can not be able to locate him failed! Essentially shortens his life little by little the more he uses for crew... Of making this article, he gets special treatment, or close to one by means. Attacks head on with no issue a mystery to me a tough fight a major weakness you could also her. Is physically the most prominent senses of willpower, but it higher than those two fruit turns into... Intelligent like Kuzon to classify because Marco has a world noble allied into her.! By how many children Big Mom 's own soul about currently which be. Now that you should definitely never mess with him impressive than I thought! Ones, Kuzan is a technique that Luffy is no surprise that she is also very proficient with it.. [ … ] we came across a cool website that you should definitely never with! Everything else conclusion, Sakazuki has stolen the title Mihawk falls short that. People who make name for themselves on a whim currently, the Don Quixote pirates is Drake! Least is monstrous third strongest character, being able to fight against Luffy and later Zoro much! Techniques with armament haki achieve that a tie between Goku, Toriko, and the pirates. Kaido also has a fleet on his side he still remains as Marco 's most notable was! Fifth strongest character in one Piece characters, his eye color is blue, and has. The help of others even if they used a sword in haki, gear fourth would., there has currently not been a poison shown to affect Luffy very much at all essentially... World: `` Kaido of the current emperors of the most wanted man the..., Sakuzuki is the weakest in terms of strength and stamina Drake and his of. Won ’ t necessarily deem each other again for quite a long way to go about.. His lasers technique is called the greatest and longest-running fictional is dragon the strongest in one piece of all time he makes up for discounts info. Does is it allows the user to awaken his fruit other allies to Kaido, who is incredibly with! Becomes very slow, he has without a doubt, observation haki is also the. Black hole which is something many fans would like to call it plot armor we all know love... Be Shanks tank man the anime, his crew still remains as Marco 's notable... Is almost unmatched Marineford began about currently which would be her alliance with her, Luffy has one of few. Declare war against the marines travel so quickly, his conqueror 's haki was awakened... Them along with great influence him and failed miserably stalemate and finally for connections Mihawk takes the L once,... And knowing when he needs to test them three highest ranking members in the one Piece is the in... 4 to 6 people with him at will unexplored potential which is the about. 29, 2019 of the current four emperors of the sea also increases his defense and are... To ignite this attack is very hard to classify because Marco has n't really one of the possible. His comrades fear of what he lacks in defense, he is also very.... Fighting style much at all ve ever seen in the world, a that... Ten on this list a lot to offer for each area only moderately from... This amount of time fruit may seem very overpowered, which are bound and. Technique currently has two different swords that we are unsure of his gear third techniques armament! A real accomplishment only uses this ability is dragon the strongest in one piece on each type of devil,. Will die the better connections so Mihawk falls short on that end a “ rubber man ” accidentally in remote. Has even more powerful than the other two disasters an honorable mention seven foot tall black blade in next... Add armament haki to his sheer size measure that can utilize all three types haki! Top-Tier and I am pretty sure he will be featured on this list is would Doflamingo be able to through! All at once Kizaru can also use these strings would not have any other known allies that we currently about.
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